Monday, April 17, 2006

Return to Rwanda


I wasn't actually sure that I would be "blogging" this trip - it's such a short one - but here I am after all.

I'll be here a little over month - to institute HIV programs into the camps - as best I can - in this short space of time. After sitting in a classroom for 3 months (a fantastic experience don't get me wrong, I recommend the DTM&H London program unreservedly to anyone interested in international health) it's easy to forget the realities of being on the ground. Things seem so neat, no untidy complications like institutional and governmental entanglements, no security issues, no infrastructure problems - just treat patients and institute public health programs the "best" way - the way all the studies say they should be done...

It's a rapid readjustment, and slightly bumpy but not anywhere near as difficult as I had been imagining. Seeing old friends always heartens the spirit and I recieved such a warm welcome from the Kigali office.

Louise is finishing up her 4 month stint as Income Generating Project coordinator for all 3 camps here - she has done an unbelievable job. In the health sector you can make or help keep people healthy- but she gives them back their dignity. They have started soapmaking, lotionmaking, ladies handbag making projects (if anyone wants to buy one let me know, the bags are woven with nylon fiber and from pictures I've seen are beautiful (see for more info).

Meanwhile I have been dispatched first to Gihembe camp (the larger camp of 17,000) to do an assessment before returning to Nyabiheke "my" camp in a couple days...

I am reaching the end of the year of wandering - thanks for coming along! I'll try to post a few more times before I leave.

Happy (late) Easter and God Bless all,



At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

Just stopped by your blog to catch up. We miss you in Boston. We are still playing volleyball. If you want to drop me an email my address is

Keep up the good work. You have loads of good karma.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know anything more about the bags? Should I contact Louise? Maybe we could sell some here in Chelsea? Looking forward to seeing you here and hearing more about your experiences!


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