Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Leaving Rwanda... Coming Home

So my plane leaves in a few hours here from Kigali. Even up until now I have been jetting around town to various stores, working on getting prices for equipment still needed for the health center that a donor has offered to fund... it's good to stay busy though - to be able to focus on something other than leaving. Saying goodbye has never been a strong point of mine (is *anyone* good at it?)

I have a 4 hour layover in Nairobi and another one of 10 hours in Amsterdam then finally back in the Sates on Thursday afternoon. I can't even imagine being in sub-freezing weather in Boston (T 29 at last check) but then there's Hawaii on Saturday! Thanks again so much to everyone who has been a part of this endeavor... all the emails, support, packages, prayers and well wishes from everyone at home were so important - along with such dedicated staff in Kigali and at the camp.

Some pictures from the going away party, and some final views of "my" camp....

Final few hours before the party ( me in African dress - another present from Theo) with my nurses

There is never a true party in Rwanda without singing and dancing

A view of "my camp" at a distance

Moving farther and farther away....

Merry Christmas to all...

love, Ann


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