Friday, December 16, 2005

Pictures to go with the last post

Pictures as promised (corresponding with the text of the last posting...)

Nicole (our head nurse) with our new white board!

The long awaited, much needed mosquito nets! (donated by Refugees International)

Ben, my medical coordinator supervising the distribution of the nets

Christian, one of my refugee nurses explaining the importance of tucking the nets under the sleeping surfaces to keep the mosquitoes out...

A mother and child watching their new bednet being installed.

Shelter to shelter installation was time and labor intensive, but a great way to educate the population and ensure the nets are being used properly... our nurses teamed with the animateurs (community health workers) going to each shelter and installing the nets. Unfortunately often there are two or three beds (dry grass on a plank of branches) per shelter and we could only provide one per house - (the children and pregnant women are the priority to sleep unde the nets). We should be able to provide an additional 1200 nets (another one for each shelter) mid January - thanks again Refugees International!!

The ever present crowd of children - the little boy on the right probably had a greenstick fracture of his distal humerus - I had put the splint on him the day before this picture was taken and I caught him running (and falling) again the very next day!

With the rainy season ongoing, even on this rocky hillside (with a lot of work and care) there are little gardens cropping up throughout the camp. This boy was extremely proud of of the result of this hard work with his sunflower towering over his shelter...

Little boys will like trucks everywhere in the world - and the children here are quite adept at making replicas of our trucks from plastic bottles and bits of wood and string.


At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Achief! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am actually on night float on the medicine wards for the holidays and won't make it back home to see you. What an amazing experience you are having. The dancing and singing look particularly wild. Wish I could spend a few days with you there. For now, I'll be content perusing this wonderful site. tchief

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