Friday, July 29, 2005

A few images and thoughts

Everywhere in the camp are large gatherings of children...

There are some great pictures that I wanted to share - some taken by Louise out the "window' of the health center office - where she could remain relatively inconspicuous. There are so many children in Nyabaheke around 2,500 - and so many children taking care of children. No school organized for them yet, very few adults to supervise... how do we give some structure to their days? This question disturbs me every time I enter the camp and see the huge gathering of boys lingering about. The females in this society from a very young age shoulder the burden of the heavy work - I see so many little girls carrying huge cans of water, sticks, babies... while the little boys scamper about not infrequently in some mischief. "In Rwanda we still have the problem of gender inequality" says one of the community health workers to me when I ask why the boys aren't helping with the daily tasks.

A nine year old refugee boy looking in at Louise

All babies are carried wrapped snug on mom (or older child's back)

(Oh and Kate Hundley - in record time - identified the quote as from "Tobias" written and performed by Brian Webb. Brian & band are playing all the way back in Boston Sundays at Toad (across Mass Ave from the Porter T station) at 7PM - go see them if you have a chance!!) Kate is an actor in the DC area and has a play going up in the next few weeks too... (send me details Kate, I'll put up a link!)


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Dear Ann,

mind-blowing, sobering reality. I am trying to absorb your posts, and I just keep thinking that you are "manifestly an epistle of Christ." I am SOO praying for you, my beloved sister.

Everyone has probably asked you, but can we mail you stuff? Like a replacement sleeping bag? Or any supplies? I wish I could send you a pediatric scale ;)

all my love,

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Our dear daughter Ann,
I wish I am there with you to warm your body in the cold night when your sleeping bag was stolen. It hurt Mom so bad inside her heart. But this is only one minor material
gone. Send from home 2 sleeping bags we bought from REI tonight when Mom got off work. Hope to warm your body and soul and give you emery to continue to do your work at Rwanda. We pray God give you all you need for this difficult time. A lot of love and supports from home.


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