Wednesday, July 20, 2005

4 hours in Kenya...

The airport in Nairobi is pretty sleepy at this early hour - I had been expecting so much activity and chaos, but it's a few internet/fax shops open and a lot of closed shops. BBC news is playing on the TV in this little corner "business center." There are clocks with a leapord drawn on them that say "Hakuna Matata" (where would we be without Disney?) that post the time around the world: NY, Mumbai, UK, Tokyo - and occasional loudspeaker announcements are broadcast in Swahili, English & French successively. Thankfully the airline was able to arrange for transfer of my bags so I don't have to go out and collect them myself. I haven't received the claim tags back yet... but trust that all will work out.

It's still dark outside so I haven't gotten my first official glimpse of the African landscape. Flying into Nairobi in the dark was like any other city in the world, a lot of brightly lit buildings.

I've gone through so many emotions the past 24 hours that right now I'm just *really* tired. It will be nice to finally get to Rwanda and yes, to start working. Off to check on those luggage claim tags...

Next stop: Rwanda :)



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