Wednesday, July 20, 2005

12 hours in Amsterdam

I'm sitting here in a very modern hotel room in Amsterdam, using my own laptop w/ wireless T-Mobile connection, staring out into a green courtyard with a large evergreen tree - and I don't feel like I'm even a minute away from home. The flight was uneventful to Amsterdam - I managed to stay awake the whole time and read the new Harry Potter cover to cover (thanks Sharon) - so instead of exploring the city I crashed in a hotel "day room" considerately reserved for me by ARC. I arrived at around 8 AM local time and am leaving tonight at 8P to take a "red eye" (if that's what they're called from Europe to Africa) to Kenya (I get in to Nairobi at 6AM).

I'm a little nervous about going through Nairobi - the agents in Boston were unable to check my luggage all the way through to Rwanda (although when I told the attendants in Amsterdam they were incredulous and said it was a simple process and should have been done... but they couldn't do b/c the luggage was sealed until geting to Kenya)anyhow struggling to recover my bags and maybe even having to go through customs then recheck them while making my connection should be an adventure :)

Really not much more to report - thank you again for all your well wishes and prayers, they do mean a lot to me.



At 9:54 PM, Anonymous shay said...


Dearest!! I miss you already! Sad about The Half Blood Prince! I am actually planning to sit Shiva (just kidding). I am so glad that you got to Amsterdam safely and soundly.

All is HOT in Boston right now. Work is busy at I thought folks would cool off for the summer!! What was I thinking.

Will keep up to date on your blog page.


At 12:34 AM, Anonymous Shay said...

All sounds well. And know that you will continue to be in my prayers for the duration. Let me know your address ASAP. The little town of Boston is missing you presence, that is for sure and so am I. I will continue to keep up with the blog page.

God bless you and protect you as you care for those who struggle daily and are less fortunate than we are.

PS: What did you think of the new Potter? Box of kleenex at the ready! That's all I'm saying.



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